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Humane Dog Training

     There are many methods to choose from to train a dog. I offer humane and holistic dog training as an alternative to other traditional methods for a well-adjusted, happy and healthy dog. My method is based on strengthening the bond between human and canine naturally through leadership and positive reinforcement. Dogs need exercise, rules, trust and love. I prefer to use harnesses or martingale collars rather than choke or shock collars and I do not tolerate yelling at or hitting dogs. I do not believe that a dog is capable of understanding why it is being choked or shocked. Instead, I prefer to redirect behavior in a positive way. Force and fear are not a part of my training tool kit. I do not believe that force or intimidation are necessary for training a dog, my method is not for those who are not willing to put in time and effort. 

     The most common problems I see with dogs are the result of mixed signals and not enough exercise/lack of challenges. We must remember that although dogs are highly intelligent creatures, they do not speak our language and have their limitations. My mission is to provide humans with a way of relating on a dog's level through leadership and utilizing the pack mentality (with the human as a trustworthy alpha). There are no "bad" dogs, only dogs that are misguided and getting mixed signals. There is hope for every dog, no matter how bad the behavior!

       Prior to initial consult and training session, I like to have an in-depth phone call to learn more about your dog and the issues you are having. I will then email you a questionnaire to fill out prior to our session; once the questionnaire is filled out and returned I can give you tips to curb undesirable behaviors in the meantime. During the initial consult I observe the dog and human(s) interaction, and discuss what the goals for training are to create an individual training plan. Please call for more information and package details.