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    All dog walking and pet sitting consultations are free. If services are booked, keys/entrance code must be given prior to start date. For our safety and yours, no keys are to be left or doors unlocked for us to enter your home. We request a short list of your pet's normal behavior, as well as any medical issues, and a copy of vaccination records. We also request your veterinarian's information and an emergency contact.††

  • Standard Walk (25 - 30 mins.): $16
  • Extended Walk (45 mins.): $20
  • Short Notice Potty Break (up to 10 mins.): $12


Packages above may be adjusted due to location, if more or less time is needed and number of dogs. After each walk there is water and cool down time to ensure your dog is safe in the Florida heat. Scheduled walks must be cancelled by 5 p.m. the day prior, otherwise full price is charged.

Dog Walking 


  • Dog Sitting*
    • Standard visit (30 mins): $18
    • Extended Visit (60 mins.): $30


*Prices for dog sitting require that care can be provided in allotted time for 1 dog (add $2.00 per additional dog); can be adjusted to add additional pets. Packages include walk, feeding/fresh water, clean up, playtime and lots of attention.

**All pet sitting packages may be adjusted due to location and if more or less time is needed to provide care. Visits before 7am and after 7pm will incur a $5.00 upcharge.


† For our safety and yours, no keys are to be left out or doors unlocked; there is a $10 fee for key pick up unless booked at consultation and a $10 fee for key return unless given at consultation and kept for future bookings. Holiday fee of $10 per visit on Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day.

†† Payment is due at first pet care appointment unless previous arrangements have been made. All appointments are scheduled in advance, so if you need to cancel please provide at least a 7 day warning of cancellation. Canceling within 3 or less days to the appointment will be charged the full cost for requested services. Canceling between 3-7 days of the appointment will result in a 50% charge of the services requested. All pet care appointment times are blocked out in advance to prevent other clients from booking them.